About PlanetRate

We are a young and ambitious team of developers that came together to make a social impact in people's life and help businesses improve their products and services. Our ambitions are simple but clear:

One Stop Shop

Currently there are many review and rating websites focused on a single subject matter and most of the time only covering certain geographic areas. For example: TripAdvisor – hotels, Yelp – local businesses, Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon) – restaurants. People would spend a considerable amount of time to read the reviews in order to make the best decision matching their needs.

Review Anything

There are no websites currently available to find reviews on other non-business-related matters such as neighborhoods, automation components (valves, motors, pumps, etc), politicians, professional or recreational leagues and anything else. If you don't find the category you are looking for, you can always suggest one to us and we will commit to create it within 24 hours. Your feedback makes us better!

Specific Rating Attributes

The problem lies in the review data which other review websites provide which are unstructured and not searchable. We have developed an advanced algorithm that allows reviewers to be very specific details about their ratings while keeping it simple and clean. This allows others to find what they want using our category specific filters.

Local Review Communities

The platform is currently translated in 3 languages and also is a portal to more than 2.7 million cities and over 250 countries. This gives people the opportunity to grow their local communities while helping others prepare a trip to another corner of the world. Categories which are geographical can easily be filtered by country, province or city. Sky is the limit, literally :)

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